If your business relies heavily on the Internet, then you know only too well how downtime can impact your bottom line. You’re basically handcuffed – everything that drives your business is frozen, including POS terminals that depend exclusively on the Internet. In short, it all has a direct impact on your revenue and your profits.

The truth is, you’re not alone. The cost of Internet downtime affects every business and the pain in dollars and cents is dramatic. Not surprisingly, industry statistics are staggering, with the cost of “single hour” downtime rising year after year. Industry associations report that “single hour” downtime rose by a third in the last decade.

Today, it’s important to have a business continuity plan

Needless to say, broadband connectivity is a lifeline for practically every business around the world. That’s why Internet uptime is so indispensable. Every business owner needs to generate revenue, create profit, reach customers, and access data – it all requires 100% uptime. When Internet connectivity is down for even a short period of time during business hours, there’s more at stake than just lost revenues. Customers who are inconvenienced will go elsewhere. The in-house will be looking for a fix. And here again, it’s your bottom line that’s being affected.

Preventative measures are the key to assuring uptime

In understanding the painful cost of Internet connection downtime, measures can be taken to avoid the pitfalls. In fact, 100% uptime is actually possible. Today, with SmartCONNECT™, your business can experience 100% uptime for all of your various Internet and phone services. SmartCONNECT™ technology keeps your connection active, even when there’s an outage from your Internet Service Provider. Everything is up all the time – from cloud accessibility to online ordering, to payment processing, to incoming sales calls. Your business is totally protected.

Businesses with high volume calls and online orders

Businesses with high volume calls and online ordering can suffer big when there’s an Internet outage. Everything is affected by customer service, to sales calls, to order processing. Clearly, this all translates into a lost business that may be irretrievable. By implementing technology that ensures 100% uptime, businesses can guarantee 24/7 business activities. That makes for unlimited payment processing; continuity of online ordering; consistent phone service; and complete access to data saved on the cloud. 

POS-Internet-connection-downtimeDowntime costs you. Uptime keeps you in business

IT presents challenges for businesses every day. And connection downtime is one of the more damaging challenges. The ultimate cost – lost revenue and While prevention is a viable option, a proactive action plan is even better. The best scenario, of course, is 100% uptime. The cost of downtime is painful, with direct and indirect costs that vary with specific business activities. While lost sales and lost profits are of urgency, disruption costs are also considerable – like lost employee productivity, additional overtime costs, and critical loss of valuable data. Business owners might put their focus on downtime prevention or perhaps on creating an action plan for a potential outage. In the end, however, the most productive approach is to implement a sound backup prevention plan, with long-term sustainability that will be 100% guaranteed. With the latest technologies from Vivant, your business can rest assured that both the Internet and phone service are never down. That means everything is working 100% of the time, without costly interruptions, and with business humming. You just focus on the business of doing business.