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The more the growth of your healthcare practice, the more your communication demands grow with it. With a scalable business phone system, your voice and data needs can grow with your company, making sure that your communication infrastructure is flexible and always available when you need it most.

We recognize that the healthcare industry has its requirements and problems. We offer top-notch telephone systems geared towards healthcare centers enabling them to provide world-class patient care and maximize internal processes.


Key Benefits

You want a new phone system, but how do you choose the right one for your needs? You need to compare the benefits and features of different VoIP phone systems and find the one that suits your budget, your business, and your customers.

Cost Efficiency

VoIP reduces phone bills, freeing up patient care and equipment resources.

Enhanced Accessibility

Stay connected with patients and staff from anywhere, improving responsiveness.

Secure Communications

VoIP systems offer encryption and compliance for patient data protection.

Streamlined Operations

Efficient call routing and features enhance clinic workflows.

Telemedicine Integration

Seamlessly incorporate virtual consultations into your practice.


Easily expand or downsize your phone system as your practice evolves.

Improved Patient Experience

Faster appointment scheduling and support lead to higher satisfaction.


Enjoy uninterrupted communication, important in healthcare emergencies.

Advanced Features

Voicemail transcription, video conferencing, and more enhance patient care.

Competitive Advantage

Adopt modern technology to stand out in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Phone Systems: Who Should Be in Charge?

In the hospital industry, our technology addresses the diverse requirements of healthcare professionals and staff. From optimizing patient care workflows to enhancing communication between medical teams, our solutions cater to the specific needs of hospitals. Medical staff benefit from streamlined processes, ensuring efficient delivery of care, while patients experience improved service quality.

Hospital administrators oversee operational consistency, and appointment schedulers optimize patient bookings. Data-driven insights empower marketing teams, and administrative staff to efficiently manage system settings.



VivantCorp - Call Routing and Reservation Management

Call Routing and appointment Management

Efficiently manage incoming calls and appointments.
Customize call routing based on peak hours.

VivantCorp - Kitchen and Waitstaff Integration

Patient and Care Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication between patients and care team members. Provide real-time updates on patient status and special care requirements.

VivantCorp - Menu Updates and Specials Announcements

Treatment Updates and Wellness Programs

Effortlessly update treatment plans and announce new wellness programs. Ensure all healthcare staff are promptly informed about updates in patient care.

VivantCorp - Caller ID and Customer History

Caller ID and Customer History

Personalize the healthcare experience for returning patients based on their preferences

VivantCorp - Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into call volume, peak hours, and patient preferences.
Make data-driven decisions to optimize the businesses’ performance.

VivantCorp - Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection manages high inbound call volume by directing customers to self-service channels like Online Ordering, Reservations, Directions, and feedback via Text Messages.

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Leading Restaurants, Leading the Way

We had repeated outages, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes for a couple of days and it was just crippling our business by frustrating our customers and our employees. We get about 50 phone orders a day and when the internet went down, phones went down too. The amount of money we were losing because of outages had a huge impact on our business. I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works. Support has been wonderful and extremely responsive. It is one of the best things i have done in business

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