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As attorneys know, staying connected with clients is a vital part of running a successful law firm. However, a good old-fashioned landline telephone system may not be enough to truly communicate effectively- or to keep up with the competition. Instead, attorneys are turning to phone systems specifically tailored to meet their needs.


Key Benefits

Phone systems for attorneys provide several key benefits that ensure optimal connectivity, communication, and operational efficiency. Attorneys using these systems can enjoy a world-class telephony experience, resulting in fewer dropped calls, better quality audio and video, and increased customer satisfaction.

Improved Efficiency

Make reservations and customer inquiries management easy on your waiters by streamlining your restaurant’s operations featuring call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and caller ID.

Increased Revenue

Let our advanced phone system provide you with crucial data that will help increase your income by providing data analytics and call tracking to understand customers’ trends and actions.

Enhanced Customer Service

Our phone systems make sure that every call is answered fast, every reservation is well managed, and every special request is met.

Cost Savings

Our flexible plans include features specially tailored for the restaurant business at optimum phone usage that will cost you less. 

Multi-Location Management

With this single-platform approach, the system would handle all of your communication requirements if you have several locations for restaurants.

Attorneys Phone Systems: Who Should Be in Charge?

In the legal industry, our technology caters to the diverse needs of attorneys and legal professionals. From streamlining case workflows to enhancing communication between legal teams, our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of law firms. Legal professionals benefit from optimized processes, ensuring efficient legal operations, while clients receive an improved service experience.

Law firm managers oversee operational consistency, and appointment schedulers optimize client appointments. Data-driven insights empower marketing teams, and administrative staff efficiently manage system settings.



VivantCorp - Call Routing and Reservation Management

Call Management and Client Scheduling

Efficiently handle incoming calls and client appointments.
Customize call routing based on case urgency and client availability.
VivantCorp - Kitchen and Waitstaff Integration

Legal Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless communication among legal team members.
Receive instant updates on case status and client requests.
VivantCorp - Menu Updates and Specials Announcements

Case Updates and Legal Announcements

Easily update case information and announce legal developments.
Ensure all team members are promptly informed about important updates.
VivantCorp - Caller ID and Customer History

Client Information and Case History

Instantly access client details and case history.
Personalize the legal representation for returning clients based on past cases.
VivantCorp - Analytics and Reporting

Data Analysis and Performance Tracking

Gain insights into call patterns, peak hours, and client preferences.
Leverage data analytics to make informed decisions and optimize legal services.
VivantCorp - Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection manages high inbound call volume by directing customers to self-service channels like Online Ordering, Reservations, Directions, and feedback via Text Messages.

Our Clients

Leading Restaurants, Leading the Way

Avis & Associates

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Consolidate multiple offices into a single office and allow for remote employees to easily connect to the corporate office in order to answer calls as if they were in the office

Provide a fully managed networking including firewalls, switches, wifi, phones a 100% up-time guarantee

Motion Law Immigration

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An innovative law firm that constantly pushes the limits. Having offices in multiple cities and countries, we consolidated the connectivity into a single phone system and allowed all employees to seamlessly be connected

Phone system provides deep analytics on what options customers selected in auto-attendant, how many inbound calls to which number, and more importantly how many calls were answered, missed or went to voicemail

Curtis Castillo

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Poor connectivity was causing business interruption but providing 100% up-time guarantee with primary and backup internet, phone system, and phone service eliminated all connectivity issues

Saenz-Garcia Law

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A multi-location law firm with offices in two countries, it is important to keep all staff connected. Deployed 100% up-time guaranteed primary & backup internet, managed firewalls, wifi along with our phone system to keep both offices connected as if they were in the same suite.

Advanced call routing allows calls to be redirected from one office to another office when either is unavailable to answer calls so no call goes unanswered

Areas we Cover

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San Antonio

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