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Why should auto dealers buy their next Business Phone System from Vivant? Our expert consultation helps you understand your business needs, increase revenue, enhance customer service, and lower costs. With VoIP phone systems, your customers will love calling you. We provide Digital, VoIP, and Hosted Phone system solutions, with nationwide installation and service, to suit businesses of any size.


Key Benefits

Installing a business phone system from Vivant offers a range of benefits, including cost savings, streamlined communication, call tracking/management, increased interaction speed, improved sales potential, enhanced company image, and the ability to use advanced features. Make the switch and start experiencing the perks today.

Enhanced Customer Service

Our phone systems make sure that every call is answered fast, every reservation is well managed, and every special request is met.

Improved Efficiency

Make reservations and customer inquiries management easy on your waiters by streamlining your restaurant’s operations featuring call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and caller ID.

Multi-Location Management

With this single-platform approach, the system would handle all of your communication requirements if you have several locations for restaurants.

Cost Savings

Our flexible plans include features specially tailored for the restaurant business at optimum phone usage that will cost you less.

Increased Revenue

Let our advanced phone system provide you with crucial data that will help increase your income by providing data analytics and call tracking for you to understand customers’ trends and actions.

Auto Dealers Phone Systems: Who Should Be in Charge?

In the automotive industry, our technology addresses the varied needs of auto dealerships and staff. From optimizing sales workflows to improving communication between sales teams, our solutions cater to the specific requirements of auto dealers. Sales staff benefit from streamlined processes, ensuring efficient sales operations, while customers enjoy an enhanced buying experience.

Dealership managers oversee operational consistency, and appointment schedulers optimize customer appointments. Data-driven insights empower marketing teams, and administrative staff efficiently manage system settings.



VivantCorp - Call Routing and Reservation Management

Call Routing and Appointment Management

Efficiently handle incoming calls and appointment bookings. Customize call routing based on dealership activity and appointment availability.
VivantCorp - Kitchen and Waitstaff Integration

Sales Team and Service Department Collaboration

Ensure seamless communication between the sales team and the service department. Receive instant updates on vehicle status and customer requests.
VivantCorp - Menu Updates and Specials Announcements

Inventory Updates and Promotions

Easily update inventory listings and announce promotions. Keep all staff members informed about new arrivals and special offers.
VivantCorp - Caller ID and Customer History

Customer Relationship Management

Access customer information and purchase history instantly. Personalize the experience for returning customers.

VivantCorp - Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Track call metrics, peak hours, and customer preferences for insights. Utilize data to make informed decisions and enhance dealership performance.
VivantCorp - Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection Featured

Call Deflection manages high inbound call volume by directing customers to self-service channels like Online Ordering, Reservations, Directions, and feedback via Text Messages.

Our Clients

Leading Restaurants, Leading the Way

autos of dallas

A fully managed network allows consolidation of all communication into a single bill while providing 100% up-time including primary internet, backup internet, phone system and phone service.

Installed fully managed WiFi to cover an 8 acre property to ensure staff have access to reliable internet no matter where they are in the dealership

Alfa Romeo

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Created a seamless customer experience for sales and service to be able to efficiently route calls to the proper department. Created ability to transfer from one building to a separate building where service is located while eliminating any additional expense.

Auto Merchants

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