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Our Phone and Internet Solutions

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Vivant’s reliable communication solutions are designed to power your business. Our seamless integrations with leading tools help you manage customer relationships, sales, projects, and more, all from a centralized platform.



This powerful business operating system seamlessly manages projects, tasks, clients, finances, and team communication. It integrates with Vivant to track call-related tasks, monitor customer support tickets, & ensure projects stay on schedule with reliable connectivity.

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Milagro Restaurant Operating System

The all-in-one restaurant management system streamlines 15 vendors into a single platform. Sync with Vivant for smooth phone orders, caller ID lookup, and reliable internet to run your restaurant operations without a hitch.



This platform offers powerful marketing, sales, & customer service software designed to support the growth of businesses. Integrates with Vivant to log calls automatically, track leads generated by phone, and ensure marketing campaigns run smoothly with stable connectivity.



Leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for sales force automation & customer data management. Vivant syncs call data to Salesforce, tracks your team’s call performance, and makes sure you never miss an important client phone call due to internet downtime.



Sales CRM that helps sales teams visualize their pipeline and close more deals. Connect Pipedrive to Vivant for seamless call logging, easy follow-ups, and the confidence that your sales team has reliable communication tools.



Customer messaging platform for building better relationships through live chat, bots, and targeted messages. Integrates with Vivant to answer inbound customer calls directly within Intercom and have reliable connectivity for smooth customer interactions.



A flexible work operating system helps teams manage projects, track progress, and collaborate seamlessly. Vivant’s integration keeps your team’s communication clear and ensures project deadlines are met with reliable internet.



A suite of cloud-based business applications covering CRM, sales, marketing, and support – integrates with Vivant to log client calls, boost your CRM data, and make sure your sales team has the communication tools they need.



Popular eCommerce platform for building and managing online stores. Handle phone orders effortlessly, resolve customer issues quickly, and rely on Vivant’s stable internet to keep your online store running smoothly.



Customer support software offering ticketing, knowledge base, and self-service tools. Seamlessly integrates with Vivant to log customer support calls directly within Zendesk, ensuring smooth and efficient issue resolution.



Insurance software provides solutions for brokers, carriers, and other insurance professionals. Manage client calls, track policies, and streamline your workflow with Vivant’s integrated communication solutions.

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