Call Deflection

Missed Calls

are missed revenues

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Never miss phone calls during Peak Hours
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Automatically Send an Info Text to the customer

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Redirect Customers to Online Orders, Reservations and Directions

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Improve your customer satisfaction, loyalty and increase sales


Start using our powerful Call Deflection Automation

What is Call Deflection?

Call Deflection allows you to manage high-volume inbound calls by directing customers to self-service channels such as Online Ordering, Online Reservations, Directions, and get feedback, all automatically through Text Messages. This way, you can provide your customers with the information they need without making them wait on hold, talk to a busy staff member or worse yet miss the potential revenue.

Free up your staff’s time to focus on in-store sales instead of juggling phone calls and keeping your customers on hold.

Here are some examples of

How Call Deflection Works


All-in-One Solution

Vivant is more than just phone service. We offer;

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Automation: Send text messages on every missed call to start a conversation and offer online options.

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Text Messaging: Communicate with your customers via text messages from your business’ number

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Phone Service: Get a reliable and flexible VoIP phone service that connects seamlessly with Vivant

Vivant SMS - what we offer

What Our Customers Say

Voices of Trust: Experiences and Testimonials from Our Customers

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Switched to Vivant for our phone and Internet service at our 5 restaurants. Saved us a ton of money. Great customer service. Highly recommend.

Paul Dabill

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Great people, great service. I’m always up and running, phone and credit card readers, while others are closing their doors. Must have service.

John M. Spidell

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Love it. I live in a small town in the PAC West and our Internet goes out 3 times a year. This has solved all our issues and also it’s cheaper, no idea how that works but I love it. Lifetime customer created. Thanks so much, Mr. Zink.

Mike Haynes

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Perfect customer service. Very good price. Highly recommend it.

Double Dave’s

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