Internet & Phone Service for Restaurants

Having a reliable network
is at the core of a

Restaurant Business.

At Vivant, we eliminate internet & phone outages so your restaurant is always connected with a 100% uptime guarantee. 

Reliable Network Restaurant Business

We feel your pain…

Losing internet & phones at a restaurant is a major hassle – that’s why we never let that happen to you.

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Never lose internet

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Never process credit cards offline

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Never miss an online order

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Never lose phone service

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Leading Restaurants, Leading the Way with Vivant

We had repeated outages, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes for a couple of days and it was just crippling our business by frustrating our customers and our employees. We get about 50 phone orders a day and when the internet went down, phones went down too. The amount of money we were losing because of outages had a huge impact on our business. I don’t even think about it anymore, it just works. Support has been wonderful and extremely responsive. It is one of the best things i have done in business

Saving Jimmy John’s Franchisees $3,900,000 a year and added $234,000 to corporate royalty fees.

Previously we were getting very slow speeds, our internet was extremely unreliable and we were certainly not getting the value for our money. The phone service we were getting with AT&T was fine but we were certainly not getting any value. The SmartCONNECT is a must have. Vivant support has been fantastic, response is almost immediate! We haven’t had any internet downtime, no outages, credit cards and DoorDash always works, it has been fantastic!

Saved the brand 28% or $44,484 a year while consolidating all phone systems into one and eliminating all internet & phone outages.

Completed a major construction saving $280,000 in construction fee in order to bring high speed internet to all of the locations where it was unserviceable with high construction cost.

We've been growing fast, and our old system just wasn't cutting it anymore. Vivant has scaled with us flawlessly. Their reliable network and phone service have been crucial to our expansion.

Previously, we always had the internet and phones go down. Service was like dealing with Utility companies with long hold times and no good ETA on solution. We just had to wait it out.

With Vivant, it’s been wonderful, I never had an experience with a vendor that we did not have to communicate with as much. We have to look for your number if we need to contact you since we have had no issues.

Consolidated all communications for the entire brand in U.S. and Canada in order to have a unified message as well as efficiently route all phone orders to a 3rd party call center in order to free up staff to serve customers in store

CowBoy Chicken Without Border

Our team works hard to deliver a great experience at Cowboy Chicken. Vivant's reliable service is like having an extra member of the team – it takes the tech worries off our plate so we can focus on what we do best.

LongHorn Without Border

Vivant has been a lifesaver for our Longhorn Steakhouse. Since switching, we haven't had a single instance of internet or phone downtime. Their reliability means we can focus on serving great food, not troubleshooting tech issues.

Cane Rosso Without Border

Before Vivant, our internet and phones were constantly giving us trouble. We'd lose orders, customers couldn't get through, and it was frustrating for everyone. Now, with Vivant, everything just works – it's a huge relief!

Customer Success Stories

Jimmy John's

Revenue Saved


Royalty Fees Captured

Vivant’s solution offered a unified design, secure network, and constant connectivity via SmartCONNECT. It standardized equipment, eliminated outages, and automated PCI compliance tasks.


Construction Cost Saving

Cost Savings
$16,200/ Year

Spring Creek Barbeque, a renowned name in the Texas culinary landscape with over 30 years of history and 29 locations, faced substantial operational challenges due to unreliable network and communication systems.


Cost Savings
$110,000 /Saving per building is from Caddo

Since 1936, Mexican Inn Café has been serving delicious Tex-Mex specialties to the people of North Texas. They’ve long been a Fort Worth tradition, and now have grown to include a total of nine locations in several Metroplex communities.

Working with Vivant

Advantages of working with Vivant

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Fully redundant and unified solution across all locations

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Secured to keep you PCI-compliant

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100% up-time with proactive monitoring

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