Why You Should Use Multiple Numbers

Companies with several employees have long grappled with the issue of answering multiple calls at the same time. However, the telephone landline is gradually becoming obsolete. Not only that but installing on-premise PBX systems is time-consuming, resource intensive, and just downright expensive.
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Vivant’s VoIP business phone systems outperform traditional PBX phones. Our current phone systems include features such as visible voicemail and virtual receptionists. In addition, our SmartCONNECT™ system is a cutting-edge solution for 100% connectivity uptime.

The phone is the lifeline of every business and your main contact with customers. That’s why one of the primary reasons why more small businesses are opting for Vivant VoIP is the option to have multiple lines.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how having multiple lines for your business is the key to staying competitive and growing your business. At Vivant, we can help upgrade your business communications capabilities without breaking the bank.

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What Makes Our Vivant VoIP Phone Systems Different

Before we unveil the keys to effectively using numerous VoIP phone lines, it’s important to define the term “line” in the context of cloud telephony. A physical connection connecting a phone system to the phone network was required for a standard phone line.

A VoIP phone line, on the other hand, can be constructed in a variety of ways, including the number of simultaneous incoming/outgoing calls a system can handle, an extension, or a phone number – which is the most literal interpretation.

In the world of virtual phone systems, the term “line” has taken on new meaning with VoIP. This is due to the fact that voice traffic is transmitted via the internet.

That also implies that, aside from connecting the essential devices to the internet, which is typically unneeded because it is already there, no extra wiring is required to operate such a system.

Multiple Phone Numbers In One System

VoIP provides numerous benefits over traditional phone systems. One of the biggest is that having a centralized phone system manager is preferred by many businesses when handling calls online.

A significant benefit is being able to change certain settings all in one spot with a few simple clicks. VoIP users can also use several phone numbers and forward calls to a central number. Companies having domestic or foreign branch offices will largely benefit from this.

This is so that callers can make local calls for a cost while businesses can make calls from numbers that their customers are more likely to pick up. This is largely because they appear to come from the same region because of the same area code.

The Benefits of a Multi-Line Business Phone System

Here are some of the most significant advantages of using Vivant’s VoIP multiple business phone lines.

  1. Promotes Local Purchases: These days, people are less likely to call or receive calls from numbers outside of their area code. Therefore, having contact information in the areas you are calling offers you credibility as a service provider.
    When your customers feel comfortable contacting you, you can target a population that you would almost certainly lose if they couldn’t reach you with confidence.
  2. Higher Call Volume: These days, when customers call a business and are greeted with a business signal, that usually means it’s time to move on to a competitor. With multiple numbers, however, you’re easily able to reroute incoming calls during busy periods.
    Your Vivant VoIP business phone system is designed to handle large call volumes with ease. Best of all, you still get to enjoy grade-A quality communications without jeopardizing your relationship with your client.
  3. Provides a Sense of Size: Prospective customers will see that your business not only serves your area but also theirs. Vivant’s VoIP highlights your company’s size and dependability while also recognizing you for your target market.
    Even if the calls are routed to your hub or cell phone, your business can benefit from setting up a few more lines in non-local areas where you conduct business frequently.
  4. VoIP Text Messaging: To send a text message via VoIP text messaging, a virtual phone number is used. You can send and receive text messages from other mobile users when using a mobile phone.

    The same is true while using VoIP, but you are not limited to a mobile device.

    The virtual phone number is issued to the user rather than to any particular device, allowing the user to send text messages over the internet. As a result, you can send text messages from your smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet.
    You can also easily sort your text messages according to your business numbers. This is especially helpful if you have numerous offices or incoming phone lines for each department.
  5. Adding Extensions to the Line: Because virtual phone systems are hosted in the cloud, they can support a limitless number of extensions. Each extension can be granted to a single employee or entire groups of employees.
    In reality, multi-branch businesses that are installing VoIP systems for the first time but do not conduct foreign business may simply use a single phone number and assign an extension to each branch office.

    When combined with added features such as the auto-attendant and the completely configurable interactive voice response menu (IVR), callers will be able to route themselves to the appropriate person without holding up the next person in line.

Multiple Business Phone Lines With Vivant

Having multiple phone numbers is an excellent way to boost earnings. You may want to consider adding more numbers in those locations to keep a presence in that market without having to maintain a physical presence, which would be a burden on your business.

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