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Explore 2024’s leading Managed Network Service Provider in the U.S. Discover Vivant which offers top-notch network management and security services for businesses.
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What are Managed Network Services?

Managed Network Services encompass externally provided network operations center (NOC) functionality, as well as network and security life cycle services tailored to the evolving requirements of end users. They help manage company networks and security, including local area network (LAN) services, wide area network (WAN) services, and security tasks.

Understanding Managed Network Services

Managed network services involve outsourcing IT network management to a third-party company, which may also offer other IT management services. The Managed Network Services includes network monitoring, management, maintenance, and staying on top of security and compliance issues.

Managed Network Services vs. Traditional Network Services

By choosing a Managed Network Services Provider for network management, businesses not only save money on IT costs but also gain access to specialized expertise. With traditional network services, a business must hire IT staff and manage its infrastructure in-house, creating additional strain on management and finances. Managed Network Services solves this problem by providing companies with the necessary labor and outsourcing the responsibility for that labor.

Managed Network Services Model

When a company hires a managed network services provider, the MSP takes over responsibility for the infrastructure through a subscription service. Companies pay a monthly fee in exchange for the network’s day-to-day operations, including management and maintenance tasks. This single, affordable monthly fee replaces the challenges of managing an in-house IT team.

Network Maintenance Plan Definition

A network maintenance plan is a structured strategy for regularly inspecting, updating, and managing a company’s network infrastructure to ensure its optimal performance, security, and reliability. This plan typically includes scheduled maintenance tasks, such as software updates, hardware checks, security audits, and troubleshooting to prevent downtime and address potential issues proactively.

Why use managed IT services for a network?

Managed IT services for your network are essential because they provide continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure the safety, security, and optimal performance of your complex computer network. A skilled managed network provider can promptly identify and address any issues or potential failures, allowing your network to operate at peak efficiency. Hiring a team of IT professionals to manage your network is a wise decision, especially if your network is a critical aspect of your business operations.

How does a managed network function for businesses?

A managed network for businesses operates by being installed and maintained by a managed IT services company. It is remotely monitored and maintained by the IT company and can be accessed by any employee from any location if a Virtual Private Network is also installed. Businesses rely on managed networks to ensure a good connection and data safety. The IT services company administers both remote and on-site services as needed, offering monthly, in-person network check-ups and conducting mock failure scenarios once a year to test the network’s recovery time. Additionally, access to the network is restricted to certain personnel to ensure proper data management.

Will managed network providers improve function?

Yes, managed network providers can improve function by ensuring that the network is well-maintained and secure. Monthly network maintenance is crucial for daily business functionality as it allows for remote access, enabling employees to work from any location with an internet connection. A solid network facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among employees, thereby increasing business productivity. Additionally, a safe and secure network is guaranteed when working with a managed network provider, which further enhances the overall functionality and reliability of the network.

How does an MSP enhance my business’s network security?

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) can enhance your business’s network security in several ways. Firstly, they prioritize the safety of your computer network, taking responsibility for both maintenance and monitoring. Network monitoring is particularly crucial, as it contributes to reduced server downtime and higher security through proactive issue resolution and continuous 24/7 supervision. By partnering with a managed IT services company like Vivant, you benefit from the expertise of IT professionals who understand how to prevent security threats and effectively respond to any issues. This collaboration ensures that your network security and data safety remains the top priority.

Will Vivant’s Managed Network Service work anywhere?

Yes, Vivant’s Managed Network Service is designed to work anywhere. Whether your offices are located within or outside of Texas, these services are delivered remotely, providing accessibility to your network from any location. This level of service offers the flexibility and security needed to share data and access the network from virtually anywhere.

Why Use the Vivant Managed Network Service?

Our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) team, known for its expertise in managed network services, will provide a seamless onboarding experience tailored to your specific needs. This includes creating custom setups for device management, designing personalized dashboards, and generating reports that align with your unique business requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient network deployment.

Why Choose Vivant Managed Network Service?

Our Vivant team, as a trusted managed network service provider, ensures a seamless deployment with a customized onboarding plan. This includes tailored device management setups, custom dashboard creation, and reports that align with your specific needs.

Simplify network management

Allow your staff to focus on network management. Vivant Network Management streamlines setup and implementation processes by leveraging the extensive product experience and best practices of our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) onboarding team for optimal performance management. Tasks such as patch updates, device additions/deletions, backups, etc. are all handled by our EOC.

Minimize the risk of costly downtime through proactive managed network service

Networks generate a lot of data. Our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) generates over 350 Event alerts and 100 Incident notifications to help you filter through the noise. Each Event and Incident provides detailed metrics such as utilization, traffic, and fault charts. You can suppress Events, giving you control over what you see.

Gain clearer insight and actionable network data that matters most to your team

Vivant Network Management identifies your network infrastructure in a mature CMDB, providing the insights you need on your network assets. Visualize your network according to your business needs with detailed topology or geographic device mapping, and drill down to pinpoint network issues.

Improved understanding of network usage and application performance

Spend less time guessing where the bottlenecks are in your network. With Vivant Network Management, our Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) creates dashboards that enable you to quickly identify whether the problem is within your network or elsewhere. You can locate potential and actual bottlenecks by understanding how an application path travels through your network and the broader internet.

Additional benefits from enterprise-managed network services companies

Managed service companies provide large organizations with a means to maintain expert networking knowledge and manpower without the need for a large IT staff. This allows existing IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives, while the outsourced network-managed service team handles network troubleshooting, deployments, integrations, policy implementation, and other technical support elements. Since a network MSP proactively manages your enterprise networking needs, some IT catastrophes can be prevented altogether rather than mitigated after they occur. If you are dealing with reduced staffing and budget pressures due to uncontrollable economic circumstances, IT network-managed services might be the right choice for you!

Managed Network Services Features

When you sign up with a managed services provider, you gain access to critical network management and maintenance features.

Network Monitoring

Networks are constantly active, carrying important data that can disrupt business processes if lost. Continuous monitoring is essential, and advanced tools automate this process. Managed service providers (MSPs) use a range of tools and technologies to monitor networks, with skilled professionals capable of spotting potential problems early on.

Network Management

This includes day-to-day tasks like configuration, optimization, monitoring, and troubleshooting. MSPs’ staff, with their extensive experience, ensure efficient network management and smooth day-to-day operations.

Network Maintenance

Daily monitoring keeps a network healthy, but regular maintenance is also crucial. MSPs offer routine maintenance tasks and handle all necessary hardware and software upgrades.

Network Security

Applying software patches promptly is crucial for network security. MSPs ensure that security holes are fixed and handle all necessary security measures to protect your data.

Choosing the Right Managed Network Services Provider

Not all providers are the same. Factors to consider when choosing a provider include expertise and experience, service level agreements, security measures, and cost. It’s essential to ask specific questions to evaluate how well a provider aligns with your business needs and goals.

Key Considerations for Selecting a Managed Network Services Provider

Expertise and Experience – Managed service providers (MSPs) have highly skilled IT staff, which is a significant benefit. It’s important to ensure that their staff meets the necessary qualifications.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – Understanding the terms of the agreement before signing with any provider is crucial, especially for network management.

Security Measures – Given the threat of cyber attacks, it’s essential to understand the plans in place to prevent and handle such situations.

Cost – Understanding the pricing structure and what it includes is essential, regardless of whether it’s a simple monthly fee or a different arrangement.

Vital Questions to Address Before Finalizing a Managed Network Services Provider

To properly evaluate the factors above, it’s important to know where each provider stands on them. The provider you choose will significantly impact the health of your business. Here are some questions to help evaluate their alignment with your needs and capacity to do the job:

– What specific managed services do you offer?

– What experience do you have working with businesses in my industry?

On average, how quickly are problems addressed and resolved by your team?

– What are the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you offer?

What factors into the determination of your fee schedule?

How is my data protected within your security infrastructure?

– Can you provide references from current or past clients?

– How do you handle backups and disaster recovery?

– Do you offer 24/7 support?

– What is your process for onboarding new clients?

Managed Network Services in One View

Vivant provides a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise to manage your network efficiently, ensuring high performance, better control, and smart solutions. Their Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) makes network management smoother, supports the management of mixed IT environments, adopts new technologies, and guarantees great user experiences.

Vivant’s managed network services include:

  • Firewall management
  • Virus and spyware defense
  • Regular updates for servers and workstations
  • Managed data backup and recovery

These services are available remotely, with on-site support as needed, and are offered through subscription plans customized to your company’s requirements and the selected network maintenance package.

In conclusion, Managed Network Security Services is a transformative approach to enterprise network management. They offer a strategic advantage by outsourcing complex network tasks to specialized providers, ensuring enhanced performance, security, and compliance. Ultimately, Managed Network Services is not just a trend but a practical solution for businesses aiming to thrive in a digitally connected world. They ensure that networks are robust, secure, and agile enough to support the dynamic needs of businesses, making them a top choice for companies looking to optimize their IT operations in 2024 and beyond.

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