10x Your Customer Experience Using Scheduled Text Messages

It should come as no surprise that Americans are more reliant on their smartphones. Just take a quick look around you to see that most people always have their smartphones with them.
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But how can your company engage with customers without invading their privacy? It all comes down to sending the appropriate messages at the right time.

As more businesses switch from old analog lines to VoIP, the demand for messaging (SMS) via VoIP grows. SMS through VOIP by Vivant enables clients to send texts via an Internet connection and schedule them as needed.

In other words, you can send text messages to smartphones from your VoIP devices.

SMS scheduling ensures that you engage clients proactively while not being annoying. Here are some key advantages of SMS scheduling that you can use to improve your customers’ experiences.

We’ll also take a look at how to successfully include scheduled text messages in your marketing strategies.

What Is SMS Scheduling?

SMS scheduling is the process of arranging a large number of text messages to be sent at a later date and time. This automation eliminates the need for human intervention. With scheduled SMS messaging, you can simply set, forget, and focus on your other tasks.

Scheduled text messages come in a variety of forms. Here are a few  of the most common ones:

  •  Scheduled text messages: Scheduled SMS are the lifeblood of automated messaging. You simply need to type your message, save it, and schedule it. Scheduled SMS can be useful if your company is arranging an event. You can send messages to your consumers promoting your event while also focusing on other aspects such as catering and design. These texts can also be configured to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.
  •  Autoresponders: Autoresponders are a sequence of automated SMS sent to users after they opt-in. They enable you to create a message program without having to manually initiate campaigns.
  •  Templates: Template texts, often known as duplicates, are messages that can be used repeatedly. Simply change the message to include information relevant to the user, such as their name.
  •  Drip messages: Drip messaging allows you to text clients who have opted in to receive communications from your company regularly. These texts can “leak” out over days, weeks, or months. Drip messaging can be used to remind customers to re-order a favorite product, solicit feedback on a service, or check in with an old client.
  •  Text message reminders: You can also send automated reminder SMS to your consumers. For instance, if a consumer is shopping on your website and adds a few items to their cart, you can contact that customer if they leave without checking out. Customers can also be reminded about forthcoming payments, appointments, and product launches.

Benefits of SMS Scheduling

  1. Higher ROI: Text messages are considerably more likely to be opened and responded to than emails. Furthermore, 91% of customers are willing to opt-in for brand SMS.
    Almost all shoppers said they would sign up to receive text messages from businesses, and more than half have already done so.
    SMS marketing is a very cost-effective and efficient campaign strategy. As a result, businesses that invest in SMS scheduling can receive a higher return on their investment.
  2. A Global Footprint: Approximately 6.64 billion individuals use smartphones globally now. This figure indicates that more than 80% of people on the planet use mobile phones.
    You can contact clients from all around the world at crucial times by planning out your SMS advertising.
    By doing this, you will be able to access profitable overseas markets and significantly increase your global reach.
  3. Make Stronger Connections: Customers trust brands that interact with them and influence their purchasing decisions. SMS is one of the most direct ways to engage with customers, other than meeting them in person. Scheduling SMS messages enable you to build stronger relationships in a shorter period.
  4. Find Areas Where You Can Improve: SMS scheduling makes it simple to send clients post-purchase text messages asking for feedback.
    Additionally, delivering client surveys by SMS gets more responses because it cuts through the clutter of long emails. With this knowledge, you can always enhance your procedures.
  5. Added Convenience for Customers: Nobody wants an SMS from a brand to interrupt them when they are having dinner. You may batch your texts and schedule them to go out at particular times using SMS scheduling.
    In order to ensure that the consumer receives a message at a time that is convenient for them, you can arrange texts according to different time zones.
  6. Never Miss an Important Appointment: Maintaining a brand takes time. Between back-to-back meetings and pressing deadlines, your marketing staff can neglect to send out texts that need to be answered right away.
    By automating your SMS in advance, you’ll never miss sending out crucial promotional messages.
  7. Incredibly Easy To Use: SMS scheduling has never been easier with Vivant VoIP. Choose your customers, design your message, and plan your campaign with ease, all from a simple platform.

Get Scheduled Text Messaging with VoIP By Vivant

There is no better time than the present to experiment with automated text messaging. You may start delivering scheduled SMS to your consumers right now with Vivant’s streamlined messaging platform.

Vivant’s VoIP upgrade requires no extra hardware or equipment. Instead, the only requirement is that you already have a working internet connection. In the long term, this will save you money. This also means that features like SMS are available without incurring any additional charges.

If you want to include scheduled text messaging capabilities in your business, consider Vivant VoIP. Contact us today so that we can identify the best solution for your company’s needs.

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