Call Deflection Solution: How it Improves Efficiency

Explore the impact of call deflection solutions on business efficiency. Learn how innovative call deflection solutions can streamline customer support and boost operational effectiveness.
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Customer expectations take off in a digital world. They require instant help and unique involvement while interacting through different modes of communication. However, how about that scenario where a customer calls your company to buy something and has to hang on for ages? More importantly, how can you better serve your customers by aligning with their increasing preference for digital channels? It is in Vivant’s Call Deflection Solutions.

Embracing Multichannel Engagement

These days, customers communicate with businesses across various channels such as phone calls, chat messages, and e-mails. They require immediate responses and personalized dealings. Vivant recognizes the paradigm shift and proposes new strategies for dealing with these changes accordingly.

Eliminating Hold Times, Providing Faster Service

This could lead to a customer hanging up or a loss of the clientele for the company’s products and services. The call deflection solution of Vivant’s can move callers into synchronous chat options such as messaging, with no hold time and much quicker service. Both of these contribute to enhancing the customer experience and increasing agent productivity.

The Power of AI in Customer Engagement

Vivant uses AI technology that captures customer attention from the very first moment it hits them. With an understanding of the preferences and needs of the customers, Vivant provides a smooth path from traditional contact centers to text channels, delivering the highest quality service while minimizing operating expenses.

From Call to Digital: Seamless Transitions

When a customer makes a call, Vivant’s call deflection technology triggers a message, inviting the customer to a smart messaging. This innovative approach enables multiple customer engagements to be handled simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and reducing response times.

Voice-to-Message Capabilities

Vivant has an inbound Text Message strategy where it sends an Text Message in response to missed calls as a conversational opener offering solutions online. Get direct messages from your customers through their mobile phones via Text Message using a business number.

Proactive Engagement for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

And what if it would be possible to eliminate the need for a customer to call at all? Vivant’s proactive engagement sends alerts, reminders, and ad hoc messages directly to customers. Clients are enabled in turn to reply via the same channel, thereby prompting quick solutions to their complaints without involving a telephone conversation. This helps reduce the number of calls as well as ease working conditions for your agents, thus enhancing their productivity and morale.


To meet the ever-evolving expectations of customers in this world, one has to constantly embrace innovative solutions in order to remain ahead. The call deflection solutions of Vivant include reducing call volumes, and handling times, increasing agent productivity as well and improving overall customer satisfaction. This alignment will increase your business’s overall reputation and long-term success as your customers are digital savvy. Try Vivant Today and Transform Your Customer Engagement Experience.

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