Text Messaging and How It Can Help Your Business

Text messaging services for businesses play an important role in leveraging a brand and developing powerful sales and marketing strategies today, whether with start-ups, medium-sized businesses, or large enterprises.
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Aside from its popularity and pervasiveness, there are several other reasons why a business should use business text messaging to engage with its customers. In this post, we’ll look at six of the most compelling reasons why businesses should use a business text messaging service.

What Is Text Messaging For Business?

Previously, SMS was primarily used for personal communication. However, as people became more comfortable with the technology, they began to recognize its value in professional settings as well.

Text messaging services for businesses play an important role in leveraging a brand and developing powerful sales and marketing strategies today, whether with start-ups, medium-sized businesses, or large enterprises.

Texting in business has numerous advantages that go beyond simply meeting customers where they are (on their phones), which is why businesses that use a text messaging service for business tend to excel in customer communications.

A business SMS platform can help your company improve consumer and internal communications while also streamlining important marketing and support processes.

Benefits of Text Messaging for Businesses

●     Texting is a flexible tool:

SMS text messaging is used by many people all around the world, and businesses are no exception. Text messaging may help everyone from sales and marketing to customer service improve their performance.

A person’s average response time to a text message is 90 seconds, and an email response time is 90 minutes. People are more likely to read SMS text messages than any other sort of marketing communication, without a doubt.

It’s difficult to get your message in front of potential audiences with the increasing amount of distractions and short attention spans.

SMS text messaging, on the other hand, is more effective than other traditional channels like phone or email when used appropriately and at the right moment.

●     SMS phone functions are included by default:

SMS (short message service) is a pre-installed messaging feature that may be found on any phone. In fact, for messaging purposes, this is the only capability that all mobile phones have by default.

Text messages can be sent and received without the need for an internet connection, making them one of the most convenient communication tools available.

●     People prefer texting to phone calls:

People prefer to receive texts rather than phone calls, especially when they are in public or at work. Younger generations prefer texting to phone calls, but older generations are increasingly preferring messaging to phone calls as well, according to studies.

Consumers may not necessarily be looking to develop a personal connection and communication with whom they do business. However, if it does happen, they’ll usually appreciate it.

●     Texting is a low-cost solution:

Business text messaging is inexpensive. Even when sending bulk SMS messages, the cost can be reasonable when compared to other marketing options that could blow your budget out of the water.

Because texting is less expensive, it is an excellent choice for all businesses. At a low cost, you can gain an advantage that will put you ahead of your competitors.

●     Texting is simple, adaptable, automated, and trackable:

SMS text messages are read in 98 percent of cases. However, with limited characters, tracking how your SMS marketing campaigns are performing becomes difficult without custom tracking.

Setting up a text message campaign with Vivant’s SMS platform is simple, and it can be customized at any time with automation rules.

You can send tailored messages to your target audience all at once utilizing a local phone number when you utilize Vivant’s text messaging solution for business. You can quickly personalize, automate, track, and evaluate your text campaigns using this tool.

The Vivant Phone System with Built-in Text Messages

Thousands of businesses use easy messaging to improve their client interactions, and our new SMS system makes it even easier.

  1. Easy to use templates for consistent messaging:
    Text templates cram a lot of punch into a little package, and they also aid organizations in communicating a consistent and clear message. When engaging with clients and prospects, organizations can utilize a consistent voice by using templates.Employees can click on a text template, update important fields as needed, and send it without affecting the original template after it has been prepared and stored with a name that indicates its function.
  2. Preprogrammed Text Messages:
    Marketing automation has evolved into its own industry, putting pressure on phone service providers such as Vivant to find new ways to meet the demand for scheduling software.Any SMS communication that is delivered to a recipient without the need for manual intervention to send is considered a pre-programmed text message. In other words, it’s a message that you set and forget.Pre-programmed text messages are sent when an event, such as a scheduled text, autoresponder, or drip campaign, triggers them.
  3. SMS Lead Generation:
    Lead generation via text message has quickly become the preferred mode of electronic communication. You can make lists for any group you want: leads, customers, employees, the list is limitless.By giving value through text messages, you may quickly establish a strong relationship. When done right, an SMS marketing campaign can dramatically revolutionize the way your company gets new leads and converts them into customers.

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