Improving Business Communication For Your Customers With Text

Effective communication is crucial to running a business. Companies must regularly and freely communicate with their staff, vendors, and customers. An efficient communication strategy helps businesses with reaching out to stakeholders, enhancing brand recognition, boosting sales, and maximizing profits.
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Multimedia Messaging service, or MMS messaging, is another great capability that has been added to text messaging in recent years. MMS messaging allows consumers to transmit and receive images, videos, and messages that are longer than 160 characters in length.

 An increasing number of businesses are embracing VoIP services and their numerous capabilities to improve their productivity and efficiency. Many people associate VoIP with phone calls, but modern VoIP service providers like Vivant now include important features like text- and MMS-messaging.

 For world-class VoIP business phone services that include text- and MMS ,messaging capabilities, Vivant is your number one choice. Get in touch with our team today to find out about our business class text and picture messaging capabilities.

The Importance of Text Messaging for Businesses

Texting allows you to send a message at any time, regardless of whether the recipient is available. Text messages are stored on phones and can be read and engaged with whenever the recipient is able.

 Texting, unlike emailing, encourages direct contact through instant and direct communication. Texting can be utilized with great levels of immediacy, allowing people to interact more quickly and directly.

According to a recent estimate, in 2022, 55% of businesses will SMS their clients. This is logical given that texting is one of the most convenient ways to communicate with people at all times. Writing concise, useful, and effective content does not require etiquette.

Instead of wasting time trying to think of the correct words, you communicate what you want to say. Texting is simple, straightforward, and quick.

How Do SMBs Implement VoIP Texting?

Here are some examples of how small businesses are successfully incorporating VoIP texting:

  •  Reminders for bills: Companies that use an ERP or a homegrown database for customer accounts can connect a database to a VoIP platform via an API to increase collection efforts.Your Vivant VoIP service’s automatic SMS reminders might help to streamline the process and keep clients informed.
  • Getting in touch with customer service: Texting can help businesses enhance customer service communications. Consolidating your customer service via VoIP messaging can be useful if you run a large company.
  • Inform customers about sales and new products: You may be required to communicate essential software updates to your clients if your company provides software products and solutions. You can utilize VoIP SMS to notify your clients, and they will receive it immediately.If you wish to generate traffic, you can also send out marketing messages at any time. Drip campaigns can also be created on the platform and sent as automated messages.

What is Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Marketing?

MMS marketing is a type of mobile advertising that allows you to deliver rich media to your customers such as images, videos, and audio samples. It is, in essence, an improved version of standard SMS.

MMS, like any other kind of mass text messaging, requires consent before you can begin sending to your clients.

MMS, often known as “picture messaging,” has a few advantages over regular SMS. These improvements include image support and greater character lengths in messages.

What Makes MMS Marketing Such a Good Choice?

MMS marketing is an excellent solution for a wide range of businesses and for a variety of reasons. In reality, it comes down to four major advantages.

1. Enhanced customer experience: MMS marketing offers a far richer customer experience than ordinary SMS texting. A picture is worth a thousand words and will always be more visually appealing than a message that is merely text.

2. Improved customer engagement: Because multimedia communications captivates people’s attention, it automatically generates more engagement. Not only do more individuals read and interact with the messages, but they are also up to eight times more likely to be shared with others.

3. Enhanced Redemption: More engagement equals more redemptions. Recent studies have shown that combining your text blasts with a beautiful visual results in increased response rates.

4. Longer Message Limits: You can’t always explain what you need to in a 160-character block of text. Multimedia messaging allows you a lot more room to spread your message.

Using MMS to Improve Your Daily Operations

MMS communications, like text messages, are read within minutes of being received. That is, your customers will have immediate access to your messages as soon as you send them. Furthermore, MMS has a 36% greater click-through rate than email and simple SMS messaging.

Here are some common ways businesses are implementing MMS-messaging in their daily operations.

  1. Respond to questions via MMS: Provide answers to questions that are difficult to describe in writing. To help deliver the greatest customer service, send consumers a poster, menu, photo, or directions. With just a few photos, your company can cover frequently asked questions with simple graphics.
  2. Marketing through MMS: Using MMS, you can capture and captivate clients’ attention. MMS current and potential clients with mobile coupons and sales brochures. Customers find visual coupons more appealing and memorable than plain text coupons.MMS can generate curiosity because it has a 50% higher click-through engagement than SMS communications.
  3. Get photos for customer support: Customers can share a snapshot or screenshot to better analyze how to proceed for easier customer assistance. Photos may convey details when words fail, from car shops to hairdressers.

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Consider VoIP business phone lines from Vivant if you want to add text and MMS messaging to your business. Vivant’s VoIP upgrade doesn’t call for any additional hardware or infrastructure. Instead, the only requirement is that you already have a working internet connection, which will ultimately cost you less money.

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