Changing your Internet provider? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Today, businesses across the country are growing more and more unhappy with their chosen Internet provider. This is particularly true when it comes to companies that have business phone systems directly linked to their Internet provider. 

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Switching from one provider to another

Smart decision making when switching

Making the right choice for your next ISP

For a fast and reliable Internet connection, you can trust the professionals at Vivant

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If you’re fed up, and you’ve reached a breaking point, it may be time for a new approach. But you need to be sure about your reasons for switching providers, and it shouldn’t just be a reaction to “dissatisfaction” – there are a host of good reasons.  

Switching from one provider to another

  A prime consideration for switching from one ISP to another is COST. Understandably, the majority of customers are motivated to switch for budget considerations. At the same time, it’s not just a matter of dollars and cents – it’s a matter of VALUE. A good proportion of business customers want to switch providers in order to improve their Internet connection measurably. This would be relevant for businesses that want to enhance their small business phone system with better connectivity. For some business owners, lousy customer service is reason enough to switch. Small businesses that rely on their business phone systems from day to day simply need helpful and responsive service at times when problems compromise productivity.  

Smart decision making when switching

  Before making firm decisions on switching your Internet providerit’s important to understand cancellation policies and contractual obligations. You certainly don’t want to experience painful penalties unless the long-term benefits make it worthwhile. For those who have rented or leased equipment from their provider, there may be specific rules for returning the equipment after contract cancellation. Here too there may be additional costs incurred if the equipment is returned late or even damaged. Whatever the reasons for switching ISP companies, it’s wise to fully understand your contractual agreement, including service add-ons, data limits, and the like. The better the understanding, the better the chance for exiting an agreement without a battle.  

Making the right choice for your next ISP

  In comparing providers and assessing advantages, upload and download speeds should be a high priority. Your new provider should guarantee Internet speeds and provide a method for checking from time to time. Equipment compatibility is another key consideration, especially for companies that employ phone systems for small business. You certainly don’t want to start re-investing in any additional tech equipment. Internet services are no different than other contracted services. You owe it to yourself to “make a deal” – in other words, negotiate, and then negotiate again. The bottom line is to attain the best possible value.  

For a fast and reliable Internet connection, you can trust the professionals at Vivant

  When it’s time to take a break and switch to a new Internet provider, you can count on Vivant for a whole new approach to technology, connectivity, and customer support. We have removed the headache and hassle of switching. NO more searching for a service provider – NO more setting up a new service – and NO more paperwork. Vivant does it all for you.

When you work with Vivant, we find you a new provider; we shop for the best value and price; we place your order, and we ensure timely installation. Because we customize everything to fit your business priorities, you get exactly what you need. And with Vivant, you can upgrade to a high-tech small business phone system along with our 100% uptime guarantee. Vivant can provide you with Dedicated Fiber Internet, Broadband Internet, and Shared Fiber Internet – each one focused on fast, reliable, and uninterrupted Internet connectivity. 

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