New Tips Customer Service Etiquette: Phone, Chat, and Email

Making sure your customers receive excellent customer service is critical for growing a successful business. Maintaining customer satisfaction indicates that they are receiving the attention they deserve. This is precisely what Vivant's VoIP solutions can assist your company with.
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Ensuring your customers receive excellent customer service is crucial for growing a successful business. Maintaining customer satisfaction shows that they are getting the attention they deserve. This is exactly what Vivant’s VoIP solutions can help your company with.

Customer service etiquette is crucial for enhancing customer interactions and demonstrating professionalism. It can improve communication, help make a positive impression, and develop professional relationships that may lead to sales. This article provides customer service etiquette, explains its importance, and offers 12 tips for delivering exceptional customer service with politeness and professionalism.

What is customer service etiquette?

Customer service etiquette involves using good manners to demonstrate professionalism and effective interpersonal skills when interacting with customers. It helps service professionals make a positive impression, deliver high-quality service, connect with customers, and understand their needs through good communication and listening skills.

Why is customer service etiquette important?

Good customer service manners are key to building strong, professional customer relationships and improving service quality.

Improve customer loyalty

Providing consistently positive and professional service can boost customer loyalty, leading to repeat business and a stable customer base, which increases long-term revenue.

Develop trust and respect

Building trust and respect between customers and service professionals leads to better communication, problem-solving, and personalized service, benefiting both parties.

Increase conversions

Excellent customer service can lead to more sales by turning potential customers into actual buyers, helping a business meet its goals.

Boost the company’s reputation

Positive customer service experiences can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations, enhancing a company’s reputation and increasing sales and customer base.

Discover 12 essential strategies for exceptional customer service etiquette

1. Be genuine and transparent

Being open and honest about a product’s or service’s value helps customers decide if it’s right for them and leaves a good impression, even if they don’t buy it.

2. Engage proactively with customers

Proactively engaging with customers involves initiating contact to offer help and being attentive and responsive during interactions to better understand and meet their needs.

3. Request feedback regularly

Regularly asking for customer feedback helps you understand what works well and what needs improvement, allowing you to enhance your service.

4. Personalize the conversation

Making conversations personal, like learning names and asking about their day, makes customers feel valued and improves service.

5. Practice active listening

Active listening is about fully focusing on the customer, which helps build a personal connection and encourages open communication. To actively listen:

  • Use nonverbal cues like nodding and smiling to show agreement.
  • Use verbal cues such as repeating questions to demonstrate you understand their needs.
  • Reduce background noise to better concentrate on the customer.

6. Show gratitude

Showing gratitude means thanking customers to make them feel appreciated. It’s good to thank them for their time, patience, and interest, which can lead to a positive experience for them.

7. Demonstrate professionalism

Professionalism sets the right tone in customer conversations. It involves using respectful titles like ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’, steering clear of casual language, and answering requests quickly and with courtesy. A professional demeanor makes customers feel valued and often leads to a mutually respectful dialogue.

8. Get support from team members

A team-focused environment enhances customer service manners. High etiquette standards across the team boost motivation and support for providing top-notch service. Plus, trust in your team’s help makes tackling customer service issues more manageable.

9. Use good interpersonal skills

Good interpersonal skills, like empathy and patience, aid in effective communication with customers. Being friendly and enthusiastic makes you more accessible, helping customers feel at ease seeking help. These skills foster positive customer relationships, benefiting both them and the business.

10. Maintain consistent communication

Maintain regular communication with customers. If there’s a delay, update them on their request’s progress. Keep in touch between visits, perhaps by sending updates or promotions via a mailing list.

11. Show confidence

Confidence in interactions can boost customer trust. Showcasing belief in your products encourages customers to try them. A confident approach makes you appear informed and supportive, enhancing customer reassurance in your expertise.

12. Choose the right words

When talking to customers, it’s important to pick your words thoughtfully. Explain the benefits using clear, descriptive language and consider the customer’s familiarity with your industry.

Customer Service Phone Etiquette

Phone calls are still a major method of customer service. To improve this experience:

– Use automation, such as Vivant’s Phone System, to make calls more efficient and connect customers with skilled agents quickly.

– Integrate with CRM systems to address customer issues directly without gathering redundant information.

– Answer calls promptly, within three rings.

– Listen carefully to understand the problem.

– Begin formulating a solution as the customer describes the problem.

– Ask for feedback at the end of the conversation.

– Follow up with solid solutions if there’s a significant wait. These practices can lead to improved customer satisfaction and more efficient service.

Customer Service Email Etiquette

Email is an important customer service channel, but a high volume of tickets can be overwhelming for agents. To improve response times:

  • Use Vivant’s VoIP system automation to acknowledge inquiries promptly and provide a resolution timeline.
  • Ensure each query is logged in the system for efficient tracking.
  • This system reduces unnecessary follow-ups and keeps customers informed.
  • Staying responsive to client needs is crucial, and Vivant’s reliable uptime helps businesses remain accessible at all times.

Chat Etiquette for Customer Service

Live chat is a popular customer service tool because it’s cost-effective, compatible with many platforms, and offers immediate assistance. Clear and straightforward language is key to preventing misunderstandings and building trust. Informing customers about hold times due to agent collaboration ensures transparency. Vivant’s live chat integrates timestamps and names in transcripts for easy reference, offering a convenient and preferred support option, bypassing the delays of phone or email communication.

Provide a next-level customer experience

By following these key practices of customer service etiquette, you ensure your customers receive the attention they deserve and increase customer loyalty. Since many businesses compete on customer experience, failing to recognize the importance of proper support etiquette can drive customers to your competitors.

Establish clear etiquette rules that are standard for all your employees, and invest in employee etiquette training. This will help your team treat customers like friends of your business and assist them with warmth and honesty.

When customers receive excellent customer service, they often develop loyalty to your business. Remember to follow up with a customer satisfaction survey after resolving their issue to find out if they are truly happy with your assistance or if there’s something you can improve on. For more information about our VoIP phone solutions for your business, contact Vivant now.

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