The Importance of Call Statistics for Your VoIP Business Service

As one of the best Business VoIP providers in the business, Vivant makes it very simple to customize and tailor your phone lines through online management portals. Managers and administrators are often overburdened with other obligations. However, having access to a rapid perspective of what is going on in the office, and even outside of the office, is quite valuable.
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These online management portals allow users to add or remove lines, adjust extensions, and experiment with various features. Most crucially, they have access to extremely detailed call analytics and reporting logs.

These call report logs are an excellent tool to view a company’s call activity and evaluate where the company is heading. They give business owners information on which phone lines have a higher volume than others on a smaller scale.

The Value of Call Statistics

These call report logs provide users with a plethora of information about their phone system and how it is utilized in and out of the workplace at a glance.

Managers can track metrics like:

  •     The total number of inbound and outbound calls, either from a given date range or over an extended period of time
  •     The duration of each individual call
  •     How many calls are answered or not answered
  •     Any voicemail messages that have been left on your system
  •     How many online faxes are sent or received, and where they are sent or received
  •     Access recordings of each individual call through the same web interface.

With so much information about your system and how it is being utilized at the push of a button. Understanding how to use this data to benefit your bottom line in any way can be a game-changer.

These call report logs are an excellent way to view a company’s call activity, assess its direction, or understand which phone lines have a higher volume than others on a smaller scale. Call records can even be used to track progress and efficiency, supporting managers in deciding whether to expand or contract their staff.

Important Information to Keep an Eye On

Most call records will capture comparable data points and collect similar, easy-calling information. The data points may differ slightly based on your provider or specific service package, but they should include the bulk, if not all, of the common, more useful information.

If your service, for example, does not include online faxing, your logs will reflect this.

  •     Call Logs: These logs will, of course, provide a complete list of all calls made via your phone system. These logs will track not just incoming and outgoing phone calls, but also missed and answered calls. Users can examine a complete list of all past calls or select a specific date range to narrow down results.
  •     The Contact Method: To begin, most, if not all, call report logs will provide an overview of transactions performed on your system and how they were performed. All calls, faxes, overseas communications, and business text messages will be logged in these reports, if applicable.
  •     Who is getting calls? In addition to calls and faxes sent and received, these logs often include additional detailed information to show which phone numbers are calling in or being called out by your system. If your company offers online faxing, users can also keep track of where faxes are being sent and received.
  •     Monitor all phone activity: Users can limit these call statistics to a certain phone line and examine what numbers your phone lines are contacting, what phone numbers are calling in, the length of each call, and even call volume to determine which line makes or receives the most calls in any given time period.
  •     Manage and Playback Recorded Phone Calls: Call recording can often be turned on or off via these online management portals, depending on your provider and level of service.

Call reporting logs will even allow users to access the recording of each call directly from the logs themselves. If you notice that an agent had an unusually long or short conversation, you can listen to the tape to find out what happened.

Furthermore, some carriers strive to make international calling simple by offering limitless international plans. Other providers will charge per minute based on a rate set by each nation.

Depending on the service level your company employs, these rates and minutes may be reflected in your call reporting logs. Many online reporting logs also enable consumers to watch their billing, manage features, and save money.

How Can Your Team Utilize This New Information?

Call report logs will be highly useful to any company that relies significantly on its phone system for communication. Many organizations rely heavily on the client, customer, and potential customer contact.

The most crucial elements to consider will vary depending on your business and individual use case. The actual power of these call statistics, whether you run a contact or call center, is to keep a close eye on your phone usage.

  1. Sales: Using data to understand how your employees are performing can help a company modify its procedures to improve in every manner feasible. If outbound calls and high volume are your top priorities, keeping track of your system’s call logs is a great way to keep track of productivity and manage quotas to set more realistic goals.
  2. Customer Service: Analyzing your agents’ call activity will enable your firm to adjust its procedures to perform at the best degree of efficiency, similar to how it does with sales. An administrator can then use that data to help with training improvements or to work one-on-one with an agent to increase productivity.
  3. General Usage: If your business does not rely on inbound or outbound communications, such as Sales and Customer Service, your team can still benefit immensely from understanding and utilizing the data generated by these call reporting logs.

    Users can view billing information, minutes used, the most popular features, other costs, and even how many and to whom faxes are sent in addition to phone call statistics.

Vivant Is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Calling Needs

Users can use the Vivant platform to not only acquire and analyze statistics but also act on them, thanks to their online management portals and access to online call reporting logs. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

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