How Longhorn Steakhouse Increased Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with a Smarter Internet Solution

Learn how Longhorn Steakhouse slashed costs, eliminated outages, and boosted customer satisfaction with Vivant's smart connectivity solution. Get the inside story!
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Many restaurants fall victim to unreliable internet connections, leading to lost revenue, credit card processing issues, and unhappy customers. Longhorn Steakhouse was in this exact situation – but they found a way to turn things around. This blog post explores how Longhorn Steakhouse partnered with Vivant to cut costs while achieving 100% uptime with a future-proof internet solution.

The Challenge: Expensive and Unreliable Internet

Longhorn Steakhouse relied on a single, expensive dedicated fiber connection. While fiber is often reliable, outages did happen. These outages had serious consequences:

  • Lost online orders: Unable to process transactions
  • Missed reservations: Customers couldn’t book online
  • Credit card processing failures: Increased risk of declined payments
  • Downed phones: Loss of communication with customers

The Solution: Dual Connection With Failover and Managed Infrastructure

Vivant implemented a comprehensive solution to address Longhorn Steakhouse’s challenges:

  • Cost-effective broadband: Vivant replaced the costly fiber with a faster, more affordable broadband connection.
  • LTE failover: Added a cellular LTE connection for seamless backup when broadband experiences disruptions.
  • PCI-compliant firewall: Provided security for sensitive data while maintaining cost savings.
  • Managed network infrastructure: Vivant installed managed switches and Wi-Fi, giving them proactive control and monitoring.

The Results: Increased Revenue, Reliability, and Satisfaction

This transformation brought significant benefits to Longhorn Steakhouse:

  • 100% Uptime: Zero major outages in four years.
  • 22% cost reduction: Significant monthly savings.
  • Increased revenue: Minimized losses from online orders, reservations, and credit card processing.
  • Improved employee satisfaction: Staff no longer scramble during outages.
  • Happier customers: Consistent online ordering and a seamless experience.

How Vivant Guarantees 100% Uptime

Vivant’s Smart Connect solution is the key to guaranteeing uptime:

  • Proactive monitoring: Tracks the primary internet connection (AT&T, Spectrum, etc.) around the clock.
  • Automatic failover: Switches to the LTE backup instantly in case of primary internet issues.
  • Comprehensive hardware: SmartCONNECT firewall and dual SIM cards (AT&T and Verizon) provide robust redundancy.


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Longhorn Steakhouse’s story shows restaurants don’t have to accept unreliable internet. By partnering with Vivant, they achieved the cost savings, reliability, and customer satisfaction essential to thriving in a digital world.

Is your restaurant suffering from internet outages as Longhorn Steakhouse did? Contact Vivant today to explore how we can optimize your connectivity and increase your bottom line!

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