How Integrating Your Phone System to Your Business Management Platform Makes You Efficient

When compared to traditional landline systems, the convenience and flexibility that a VoIP phone system provides are abundantly obvious. For many business owners, a VoIP business phone system is about as good as a telephony system can get.
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This is particularly true when it comes to Vivant VoIP business phone systems. Our VoIP phone systems are unbeatable in terms of ease of use, cost savings, and vastly improved mobile communications capabilities.

Having an effective business management platform, on the other hand, is just as important in today’s market to stay competitive.

Using numerous tools to manage all business activities isn’t a major concern when a company is first getting started. However, as the business grows, the expenses of efficiency and time may begin to mount.

Business management platforms help companies address their expanding operations and growth.

Modern Business Management Systems Solutions

New business software solutions appear to be introduced into the market daily. Needless to say, now is an exciting time to look into business tools. The various ways in which they can be integrated into your VoIP business phone system are particularly exciting.

Vivant is an obvious choice for businesses looking for the best VoIP phone service to integrate into their business management system. Our well-known 100 percent uptime guarantee ensures that your communications remain uninterrupted.

As a result, business owners can concentrate on what they do best: providing world-class service to their customers.

5 Ways a Vivant VoIP Phone System Can Help Your Business

The integration of Vivant’s VoIP cloud telephone system with your business management platform adds a layer of functionality that enables quick and effective customer care. Let’s look at how businesses can achieve success and maximize earnings by using these powerful technical solutions:

  1. Customer Relationship Management Software:
    Sales and support employees can anticipate a customer’s demands in real-time thanks to CRM connectivity. A good CRM integration connects an agent to the profile of an incoming caller. For new callers, the system can simply create a new support ticket using the caller’s details. This saves the agent time and allows them to focus on the customer rather than digging for information while on the phone.Sales professionals can use information from a contact’s CRM profile to better understand the context of the interaction. Client information such as the number of website visits, the items seen, and previous purchases are all essential.This also cuts down on the time spent at the start of the call asking irrelevant questions. The agent can then get right to work on converting the caller into a customer.Using call data incorporated into your Vivant VoIP phone system, the marketing department can assess multiple tactics and gauge client satisfaction. CRM data can ultimately boost customer satisfaction by promoting data-driven improvements rather than a single consumer’s perspective.
  2. Features of Cloud Backup:
    Despite the advantages of hosted VoIP telephony, many organizations are hesitant to purchase their phone services from a single source. Many people are concerned about what will happen if the provider does not adequately protect client contact information. Important client data, such as call logs and other communications data, may be included.Your VoIP data can be automatically backed up using cloud backup services. This protects your critical backup regardless of what happens to the central provider, lowering the risk of data loss.Customer contact records, recorded calls, messages, and a variety of other vital data can all be backed up.Vivant offers cutting-edge services across the country, including primary and backup internet, phone infrastructure, and phone service.
  3. Several cost-cutting advantages:
    Businesses can easily save between 30% and 50% on average costs by switching to Vivant VoIP phone solutions. While the amount saved varies by company, practically all of them see a significant reduction in their telephone costs. Companies who transition from an on-premise phone system to a cloud-based phone system see the most significant expense savings.Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP companies such as Vivant host all of your phone infrastructure. VoIP also eliminates the need for in-house servers, as well as the associated maintenance costs.With a hosted phone system, everything is done off-site, “in the cloud.” Customers split the cost of servers and VoIP maintenance. In the end, everyone benefits from the cost reductions.Making changes to Vivant VoIP business phone systems is straightforward and free. Our web tools are easy to use and do not require any prior VoIP experience. A web browser can be used to add functionality, users, phone lines, and other things.

    This eliminates the need to hire an on-site professional on a regular basis. Businesses save money on service fees for system updates because everything is so simple to do online.

  4. Enhanced business productivity:
    Using a CRM with cloud VoIP integration from Vivant makes it simple to keep track of your clients and manage your business. Using the admin capabilities, you will be able to keep track of your agent’s status as well as their performance. Vivant’s VoIP business telephony service accurately identifies and routes calls, saving customer support agents time spent transferring calls between departments.You may also obtain dashboards on crucial KPIs like handling time, pipeline leads, opportunities, and so on using this interface. You can track calls and provide feedback to agents to assist them shorten call times while also improving quality.

VoIP Integration with Business Management Platforms

To summarize, VoIP integration is a technology that enables your Vivant VoIP phone system to interact with other corporate systems. As a result, you’ll be able to get the most out of each of your current applications. To boost productivity, both employees and technologies should work together.

Maintaining on-premises legacy systems wastes time and money that may be better spent helping the business grow.

Business management tools refer to all of the systems that organizations use to adapt to changing markets. They help to maintain a competitive position and improve business performance. Integrating them with cloud-based VoIP solutions such as Vivant is critical for businesses of all sizes now and in the future.

Contact us today to learn more about integrating your business management platform with Vivant VoIP phone systems.

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