Missed Calls Are Missed Opportunities

Like most business owners, you probably don't give much thought to your phone system. After all, if the line is working, why worry, right? Well, the answer is a little more complicated than that.
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VoIP phone systems solutions offer advanced tools, integrations, and analytics, allowing business owners to boost business productivity, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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Reasons for Missed Calls

As you can imagine, missed calls can hurt your business. Naturally, you’d like to mitigate these issues so your business can grow and prosper. To do that, you need to know why missed calls happen.

Here are a few typical explanations so you may decide which one applies to your business.

  1. Employees are preoccupied with other obligations: This is a regular occurrence in a small or medium-sized organization. You may not have a dedicated phone answering service. It’s more likely that a few employees handle the phones in addition to other duties.
    However, it means that workers are frequently too busy to receive incoming calls. They could be in a meeting, going out to lunch, or simply taking a break from their work. A missed call only takes a minute!
  2. Insufficient personnel: Assume your employees answer the phone every time it rings. It doesn’t mean you have no missed calls. Your business may receive a large number of calls, causing your employees to become overwhelmed.
    Customers may hang up if they are placed on wait for an extended period or receive a busy signal. If you use voicemail, few people will bother to call you back or leave a message.
  3. After-hours phone calls: Your clients expect 24-hour service in a global and competitive market. However, your employees must leave at the end of the day.
    Perhaps you direct incoming calls to voicemail or play a message instructing customers to call during office hours. That may work for prospective customers, but what if it’s a returning customer with a problem with your product or service? You have most likely lost that customer for good.
  4. Technical difficulties: Missed calls are also caused by technical glitches or a lack of relevant equipment. If your employees utilize cell phones for business calls, your phone system may not support call forwarding to those devices.
    If your primary number is down, the system may be unable to transfer calls to an alternate number. The basic plan in your price range does not include sophisticated functions such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, hold queues, and so on.

VoIP Analytics by Vivant for Your Business

In today’s data-driven world, you can collect, track, and analyze insights from VoIP calls to identify crucial issues and improve the client experience. Vivant VoIP phone systems provide data analytics applications that collect system actionable insights.

With Vivant’s modern VoIP solutions, you can personalize your dashboard to collect as many KPIs as possible. Let us highlight and describe some of the most important metrics:

  • Inbound calls: the number of phone calls received by the system.
  • The total number of calls: the total amount of calls (both inbound and outbound).
  • Calls answered: the number of initial calls answered.
  • Missed calls: the number of calls that were redirected to voicemail or were abandoned entirely.
  • Toll-free calls: phone calls made from toll-free numbers.
  • Internal/external calls: calls that originate within or outside of the organization.

VoIP Business Phone Solutions

Businesses cannot afford to miss a call, especially startups and small businesses that are just getting started. When a potential consumer is unable to reach your line, he or she may become frustrated and go on to your competition, who will gladly take their call.

At Vivant, we provide business VoIP business phone solutions with a variety of features that can assist you in not missing any essential calls.

Select services were formerly offered only to corporate behemoths; now, these advanced calling tools assist businesses of all sizes in staying connected and ensuring no calls go unanswered.

  • Find Me/Follow Me: When most business owners and managers leave the workplace, they frequently miss essential phone calls. One approach to avoid this is to enable the Find Me/Follow Me option provided by VoIP service providers such as Vivant. This feature forwards calls to a list of numbers, which ring in sequence to “locate” you.
  • Simultaneous Ring: Simultaneous Ring is another useful feature found in most commercial VoIP phone systems. When you enable this option, all incoming calls are routed to your phone numbers (office phone, cell phone, or home phone) at the same time.
  • Auto-Attendant: When you can’t answer the phone or don’t have a receptionist to handle calls, a VoIP Auto-Attendant might come in helpful. It is a handy and cost-effective tool that automates the incoming call procedure. It is also known as a virtual receptionist.
  • Call Group: Companies having a department whose employees share a common role or function (such as sales, technical support, or customer service teams) can benefit greatly from the Call Group functionality. Call Group is a service that routes all incoming calls to a defined set of extensions, which might ring concurrently or sequentially.

Stop Missing Phone Calls by Switching to Vivant VoIP Today

VoIP technology has eliminated any excuses for missing important business calls. Utilizing the strength of these VoIP capabilities will provide you the certainty that all calls will be answered, keeping your clients satisfied and your company operating profitably.

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