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As a business owner, you're aware of the numerous advantages that VoIP numbers can provide. Unsurprisingly, most businesses are moving away from landlines and toward VoIP systems like Vivant.
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Think text messaging is dead? According to a recent study, the average person sends and receives 94 messages per day, whether for personal or business purposes. For most people, life without texting can quickly become uncomfortable.

Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is an effective alternative to texting (SMS) that also utilizes mobile networks. If you’re not familiar with MMS, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it’s yet another emerging form of technology. Except for the fact that it’s been around for over 20 years at this point.

But don’t worry; whether you noticed it or not, you’ve probably been utilizing MMS messaging in your daily life. MMS messaging allows you to send media in addition to text, such as photographs, videos, or GIFs.

Studies show that 86% of business enterprises that do text message marketing also use MMS text messages. MMS enables them to improve their messaging and engage more effectively with their customers.

Needless to say, SMS and MMS communications are here to stay, and both can be critical to the success of your business. The good news is that you only need an internet connection and a VoIP service provider like Vivant to get started. Get in touch with our team today.

Among many other strong capabilities, our cutting-edge VoIP business phone systems allow SMS and MMS messaging. Let’s take a closer look at them to discover which one would be more successful for your organization or use case.

What Is Voip Texting?

VoIP texting is the process of sending and receiving text messages using a virtual phone number. With a VoIP service from Vivant, you can start texting right away without having to sign up for a standard phone plan.

VoIP texting allows you to communicate with clients and team members from virtually any location. You can just text from your PC or jump on a mobile device. In addition to normal texting functionality, automation and text message templates can save you hours each month.

So, how can VoIP texting be used for business? The possibilities are limitless, but below are a few options.

For Boosting Sales

Businesses can save time or connect with sales-qualified leads through SMS texting. Here are some examples of how sales teams can utilize texting:

  •     Text messages can be used to confirm meetings in the event of frequent no-shows.
  •     You can provide sales quotes via text for customers who request them on your website.
  •     Follow-up with leads instead of sending emails.
  •     automatic logging with another CRM or a Salesforce SMS integration.

Improve Customer Support

Improve the customer experience by providing support through multiple channels.

  •     Respond to client questions promptly; encourage them to text you by including an SMS link on your website.
  •     One week before their service, send automatic appointment reminders to clients.
  •     Customers who are having trouble using a product feature can be given a walkthrough.

Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

According to studies, companies are increasingly texting job applicants. Recruiters can keep their phone numbers private while texting applicants via VoIP messaging.

  •     Send interview reminders one week before the interview.
  •     Obtain candidate feedback on their interview experience.
  •     Inform candidates about new opportunities.

What Is VoIP MMS Messaging?

The most obvious distinction between MMS and SMS is that you can include photographs, videos, and GIFs in your message. However, here are a few of the main differences:

  1. No character limits: SMS messages are normally limited to 160 characters. MMS does not have a character limit but is restricted by file size.
  2. Subject line: Unlike regular texts, which display the first few lines of your message in notifications and inboxes, MMS allows you to set a separate subject line.
  3. Contact cards: You can send a contact card that includes your phone number, email address, social network handles, and instant messaging numbers. This makes it possible for leads to quickly add you to their contact list.

Here are just a few ways businesses are using MMS messaging to communicate with clients and staff:

Specials and Advertising

Including engaging visuals with your sales messages helps to make them more enticing. A restaurant, for example, could provide images of special foods or locales. Customers can immediately visualize the offer by clicking nothing.

Updates & News

Texting images or videos to customers allows you to bring attention to your announcements and updates, generating more interest. For example, showing your recent system updates via video helps your regular users grasp the changes. They can also persuade lapsed consumers to return and try out the new features.

Polls and Surveys Using Images

Images may make text polls and surveys more engaging and allow for questions on a broader range of themes. For example, you might utilize photos to ask users which product design or branding they prefer. You might even text an image to get input on visual concepts.

Image and Video Contests

MMS allows your clients to send you their photographs and videos in addition to receiving media content from you.

People enjoy snapping pictures with their phones, and creating exciting challenges and competitions for a reward can be a wonderful way to engage more of your target audience with your company.

You can even include this user-generated content in your social media postings with the consent of your customers.

The Best VoIP Text and Picture Messaging Solutions with Vivant

With VoIP texting by Vivant, you can contact 85% of smartphone users using their chosen communication channel. As a result, adopting corporate SMS and MMS can significantly increase your open rates, response rates, and client satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of internet-enabled messaging, please contact us at Vivant. As this technology advances, so must we! Allow us to assist you in navigating the digital minefield that is the realm of virtual communication.

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