Restaurants survival during COVID-19: Online ordering

COVID-19 and its impact on restaurants

  In 2020, a new virus called COVID-19 has shocked the world and has become a game of chance for humanity and a great threat to the economy. Apart from airlines and hotels, restaurants and bars can be one of the biggest victims of the coronavirus pandemic. In a matter of days, thousands of fine dining restaurants, eateries, fast-food chains, cafés, and bars have temporarily shuttled their doors altogether for an indefinite period to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

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COVID-19 and its impact on restaurants

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Governments have temporarily suspended the restaurant business at once as they realized COVID-19 is spread via human-to-human contact. On the 18th of March, Texas Governor decided to close all the restaurants and bars in the state, as Texas confirmed 3rd virus death. Over 50,000 restaurants are closed across Texas. About 1,4 million people working in the foodservice industry lost their job temporarily. This is a very high index, as they represent 12% of employment in the state.   Many restaurateurs, chefs, and business owners scramble to accept this new reality. Mr. Smith has spent the last 32 years of his life in building and improving his restaurant. “I never could have imagined that one day, our Governor would appear on television and tell us we had to close our businesses.”  
Unfortunately, this state of emergency could be the final blow to restaurant businesses. Restaurant turnover has always been high but this situation threatens to put a lot of restaurants out of business. It will be extremely challenging for many of these restaurant owners to continue paying the staff when they are not serving customers. On the other hand, the Texas economy is in great danger, as restaurants are a strong driving force in Texas’s economy.   A lot of restaurants have found the only solution to their survival: online ordering. They have realized that if they stop their service until the end of the pandemic, they will lose their customers in the end. Online ordering is the best solution for eateries to keep their customers loyal and have some profit during these critical days. Though online ordering is a tiny slice of restaurant sales in normal times, restaurants have found out that during this pandemic situation, their order numbers have grown drastically.   Since restaurants realize that offering online delivery service is the only survival during these pandemic days, they invest a lot of resources and efforts to organize fast online ordering. Several fine dining restaurants are trying to offer extra conditions for delivery, adjusting their menus. Some restaurants allow no-contact delivery options to improve customer satisfaction and gain their trust. Others in the industry are getting more creative and sending some interesting promo emails to attain more customers. But after all, fast response and delivery are what every hungry customer wants the most, right?      

Today when it comes to your restaurant business success, it’s easy to believe that you mustn’t afford to miss any online order and should treat each customer individually because it is the only way of generating revenue during these critical days. Restaurateurs are convinced two factors affect the speed of online ordering: having a sufficient number of workers and being connected to uptime guaranteed internet. Three days ago one of the largest pizza delivery companies has announced that it plans to hire 20,000 workers to deal with the rising demand for pizza delivery across the country. Its main challenge is filling the rush with orders from customers who are stuck at home and want to eat something delicious. When the coronavirus situation in China became concerning the restaurant owner has realized the upcoming pandemic and decided to invest in a backup internet connection to ensure against potential risks. The backup service is a safety net, that makes it possible to have an uninterrupted internet connection unless the primary connection experiences a failure. Since having the backup internet connection, the restaurant hasn’t missed any order and achieved success in fast service and delivery.   Taking into account the backup internet service reliability, here are some reasons for your eatery to start using uptime internet:

During the pandemic, your concurrents have only one solution for not getting out of the competition: to offer perfect online ordering and delivery service. All the players in the restaurant industry offer the same benefits, so what’s your customer’s motivation for choosing your service? The answer is clear: fast response and individual approach. With backup internet service, you will never experience connection downtime and will become your customer’s best friend during these hard times.      

Governments and researchers exhort people to avoid using paper money during this period and to choose an online payment method. Backup internet will ensure fast transactions and safe payments from your customers.   

 Connection outages can throw a wrench in the working rhythm of your restaurant. If the point of sale is unable to send orders to the kitchen, there’s a great chance of missing an order. With Backup internet your restaurant will never face the problems of order delay or cancellation.   Hard times are coming and you should spare no effect for your restaurant to survive. Get SmartCONNECT™, our cutting edge solution for a 100% connectivity uptime. Keep your connection up even when there is an internet outage and don’t miss a single customer.   You must survive the pandemic! SmartCONNECT™ is here for you!

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