Field Technician

Dependable. Professional. Solution Provider.

Dallas / Ft Worth Metro

Full Time

$40-65k per year

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Position Overview

A day to day schedule would consist of picking up parts, visiting client sites to complete installations or service calls as per schedule. Responsibilities include running wires for Network (CAT), TV, Speakers, or other network equipment, installing the provided equipment based on provided scope of work and ensuring the client is satisfied with the end results. 

Candidates must be able to follow SOP, be proactive and follow through if the issue is not resolved right away or installation is not completed in the specified time block, and ask for help if there is a road block until the client issue is resolved and the client is happy.

Skills required that we look for

  • EXTREMELY well organized 
  • VERY Punctual, never be late, nor miss an appointment
  • Strong communication skills to keep customers informed of arrival, inform superior of any issues to be proactive in solutions
  • must be a self-starter, outside the box thinker
  • be able to work under pressure, keep organized and look for solutions
  • seek out solutions when they hit a roadblock instead of dropping the task and forgetting it
  • Ability to multitask, follow directions and complete jobs as per SOW (Scope of Work)
  • Document notes thoroughly in system with details of what was done, issues encountered and final completion notes
  • Strong time management skill to organize

Tools of Trade

  • Basic software such as AnyDesk, Office suites and similar
  • Networking experience to setup the following
  • Routers, Switches, WAPs, TVs, Speakers, Cameras
  • Set Static / Dynamic IPs on PC
  • Troubleshoot using CMD, PING, Tracer and etc
  • Good understanding of networking, network setup
  • Knowledge of Networking terminology, tools and equipment used
  • must have high speed Internet at home
  • access to a working computer and a quiet place to work
  • Cell phone
  • Reliable vehicle
  • All necessary networking tools such as Wire Toner, Buttset, CAT Cable Tester, basic hand tools, drill etc

Basics & Common Sense

  • Must have a reliable high speed Internet connection
  • Working laptop
  • Mobile Phone
  • Reliable source of transportation
  • All hand tools, power tools, networking tools such as Wire Toner, Buttset, Cable Testers