The Time-Saving Power of a Managed Network

Ever find yourself tangled in the web of connectivity issues, hindering the smooth flow of your business operations? Wondering if there's a way to make your network a seamless asset rather than a persistent challenge?
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Welcome to the realm of Managed Network Services—an innovative solution designed to untangle the complexities and make your business operations more convenient than ever. Are network disruptions, scattered communication bills, and unreliable connections giving you a headache? Let’s explore how Managed Network Services can turn those pain points into a thing of the past. As businesses seek to optimize their operations, the adoption of managed network services emerges as a strategic move. Vivant, a leader in this space, not only facilitates seamless connectivity but also offers a host of time-saving advantages that can significantly impact your company’s growth trajectory.

Streamlined Setup, Swift Activation

Choosing Vivant’s managed network service means bidding farewell to the days of prolonged installations. Our dedicated team orchestrates a seamless setup, turning what used to be a time-consuming process into a swift and efficient activation. No longer do businesses have to grapple with the intricacies of complex configurations; your network is primed and ready to drive your operations forward precisely when you need it.

Zero Downtime

In the fast-paced arena of business, the last thing any organization needs is the unwelcome disruption of unexpected downtime. Vivant adopts a proactive stance towards network maintenance, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to identify and resolve issues before they can cast a shadow on your business. The outcome? Uninterrupted connectivity, allows you to channel your energy into what truly matters—your trajectory of growth.

Tailored Solutions, One Provider

Why navigate through the complications of numerous service providers when Vivant stands as an all-in-one solution? From the initial design phase to ongoing maintenance, Vivant takes the reins, presenting an all-encompassing service. Revel in the convenience of a streamlined process, where dealing with a single, dedicated partner becomes a strategic advantage in itself.

Laser-Focused Growth

In the intricate tapestry of business, time isn’t just a resource—it’s a catalyst for growth. Vivant’s managed network service liberates businesses from the convoluted labyrinth of network management, enabling them to redirect their focus toward strategic initiatives and expansive business endeavors. Experience the freedom to prioritize what truly matters as you embark on your journey of growth.

Predictable Costs, Maximum ROI

Bid farewell to the era of surprise bills and unforeseen expenses. Vivant’s commitment to a transparent pricing model ensures that businesses are not left in the dark about costs. No hidden fees, no unexpected charges – just a clear, predictable path to maximizing return on investment. With Vivant, your managed network service aligns seamlessly with your budget and overarching business objectives.

A Success Story

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging’s Triumph with Vivant’s Managed Network Service

In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging found a powerful ally in Vivant’s managed network service. This testimonial unveils the tangible impact, not just in terms of cost reduction but also in the invaluable currency of time.

Consolidation for Efficiency

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging, a trusted partner in healthcare diagnostics, faced the challenge of managing dispersed networks across multiple locations. Vivant stepped in to orchestrate a comprehensive solution. Primary internet, backup internet, phone systems, and phone services were consolidated seamlessly across all locations.

Staggering Cost Reduction: A Financial Win

The immediate and quantifiable result was a remarkable average cost reduction of 13.5%. This financial win underscored the efficacy of Vivant’s managed network service. Gateway Diagnostic Imaging experienced not just a streamlined network but also a significant enhancement in cost-effectiveness.

Interconnection Beyond Boundaries

Vivant’s solution went beyond mere cost reduction. It facilitated the interconnection of all locations, irrespective of their physical proximity. This interconnected network acted as a unified backbone, fostering collaboration and information sharing across the entire organization. The walls between branches dissolved, creating a cohesive ecosystem that amplified operational efficiency.

Time Savings

Beyond the financial gains, the real treasure lay in the time saved. With a dispersed network, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging was once bogged down by the complexities of managing diverse systems. Vivant’s consolidation not only streamlined their operations but also liberated a significant amount of time for the staff.

Consider this: before the intervention of Vivant’s managed network service, the IT and administrative teams spent a substantial portion of their working hours managing network configurations, addressing connectivity issues, and handling billing calls from different branches. With the all-in-one solution from Vivant, these time-consuming tasks became relics of the past.

While exact hours saved may vary based on the size and complexity of the organization, a conservative estimate suggests a reclaiming of at least 15-20% of the IT and administrative staff’s time. This newfound time was redirected towards more strategic initiatives, patient care, and overall organizational growth.

Consolidating Billing for Maximum Efficiency

The testament to time savings extends to the consolidation of billing calls. Previously scattered across multiple branches, billing calls were streamlined to a Central Billing Office. This not only reduced the administrative burden but also streamlined financial processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


The Ripple Effect of Efficiency:

Gateway Diagnostic Imaging’s success story with Vivant’s managed network service is not merely about cost reduction; it’s a narrative of efficiency, interconnection, and most importantly, time saved. Vivant’s solution acted as a catalyst, creating a ripple effect that touched every facet of their operations.

In embracing Vivant’s managed network service, Gateway Diagnostic Imaging not only optimized its financial resources but also gained the most precious resource of all—time. Time saved, redirected, and reinvested in propelling their core mission of providing exceptional healthcare services.

If you’re ready to reclaim time, streamline operations, and propel your business toward unprecedented success, take the next step. Explore how Vivant’s Managed Network Service can revolutionize your connectivity and empower your journey toward growth.

Embrace the efficiency revolution, and let Vivant be your gateway to a future of unparalleled success.

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