Driving Internet Connectivity: Kian Motors’ Network Evolution

Explore Kian Motors' journey in enhancing stability, scalability, and customer satisfaction through a network evolution for improved connectivity.
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The world of automotive businesses is not just about cars and engines; it’s increasingly about seamless connectivity and efficient operations. In this blog, we delve into a fascinating success story concerning Kian Motors, a dynamic player in the automotive industry, and its journey toward improved internet connectivity boosted by Vivant, a leading provider of managed network services.

Understanding the Challenge

Kian Motors needed a strong network system to connect its two city locations with primary and backup internet, firewall systems, VoIP phone services, and managed Wi-Fi. The main challenge was establishing these services while maintaining continuous internet connectivity and smooth communication between the two sites.

Vivant provided a complete solution by setting up the internet, backup systems, firewall settings, and VoIP phones at both locations. They also connected both offices to allow easy call transfers and smooth operations between the two sites. 

Overcoming Obstacles

Facing occasional internet outages from the main internet provider was a major challenge. However, Vivant’s proactive technique guaranteed Kian Motors 100% uptime, ensuring continuous access to essential online functions such as handling applications and responding to customer inquiries over the phone.

Furthermore, Vivant’s phone solution enabled Kian Motors to manage customer inquiries effectively. The seamless call transfer between locations improved customer service and operational flexibility, leading to a more unified and responsive business environment.

Sustaining Success

The collaboration between Kian Motors and Vivant continued beyond the initial setup and connectivity improvements. When Autos of Dallas, a Kian Motors subsidiary, opened a new location, Vivant provided expertise in setting up, configuring, and wiring the new site. This involved deploying managed switches, establishing managed networks and managed Wi-Fi, and integrating phone services to ensure smooth integration with the existing infrastructure.

Vivant connected the new location to existing ones, allowing Kian Motors to function as one unit across all locations. This integration improved efficiency, encouraged cooperation, and optimized resource usage, signaling a major advancement in Kian Motors’ growth journey.

Benefits: Maximizing Stability, Scalability, and Customer Satisfaction

  1. Proactive Management: Vivant’s proactive network management ensured stable operations and reduced disruptions, emphasizing the value of reliable services.  
  1. Scalability: Successfully integrating new locations into the network showcased its adaptability and scalability, key features of modern connectivity solutions.  
  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: Improvements in call handling and communication led to better customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Future Prospects

Kian Motors can use its strong network to drive innovation, grow its customer base, and stay competitive in the automotive industry.


The partnership between Kian Motors and Vivant reveals the impact of strategically managed network solutions. Through overcoming connectivity challenges, promoting seamless communication, and enhancing operational efficiency, Vivant has significantly contributed to Kian Motors’ sustained success in a digitally interconnected world. 

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